How Do Women Navigate Through Hurdles Of Career Choice

Scenarios have not been straightforward for anyone in the past few years, but everybody discovered a trail to survival. Specifically, if we speak about women, we would all acknowledge that if not too difficult, it wasn’t even easy for them to design their journey and destination, but they didn’t give up. WOMEN, in my opinion, survived and shined because of the “WOMAN” factors they accomplished proudly, which stands for Willpower, Ownership, Makers, Adaptable, and Nurturing. Elaborating a bit more on each:
Willpower: The urge to excel and meaningfully exist in the system co-anchored with high self-belief contributed enormously to support their vision and purpose.
Ownership: There have been enormous challenges, but instead of putting it on others, women took charge of their success and failure and strived to stay relevant.
Makers: The culture is such that women have molded and modeled themselves as multitaskers; they have to put things together and make them work. They were always crystal clear on achieving the set targets if needed by breaking the norms.
Adapt: World has been defining a new normal every other day, and women have walked along to adopt and embrace the shift required to be in the game. Women of today have been transforming themselves to become better with every passing day. 
Nurture: Gone are the days when individuals acquired expertise and sailed through everything using the same. Now, skills become obsolete in no time, and it’s imperative to invest sufficiently in yourself and be future-ready. Women today are conscious of the same.
It’s not the society or culture to blame for obstacles; today, women can fight their own battle as they are well PREPARED with Purpose, Passion, and Plan. We have witnessed many transformations from the conventional to the modern world, but instead of giving up on things, women have endeavored to uncover a better orientation to manage the world around them
Women have been magical at all the phases of life as they have accepted, learned, and explored the space that the world thought was not designed for them.
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