About Us

The PeopleFirst HR Magazine is an essential source of knowledge and skills development for anyone in the Human Resources fraternity. While our contributing editors and featured writers comprise leading HR practitioners and business doyens, their narrative has purposely been kept unpretentious and to the point. The idea is to simplify complex concepts into easily comprehensible and applicable ideas.

PeopleFirst HR Magazine focuses on the ‘Why’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ of everything that comprises HR. It is therefore natural that Purpose, Perspectives and Process underpin most of our content.

The HR function is a strategic one, and has unlimited potential to ignite crucial conversations, set the right culture and pave the way for employee well-being and organizational growth. Unsurprisingly, this magazine aims to serve as a catalyst to delve into diverse themes straddling employee engagement, leadership development, emerging technologies, talent acquisition, talent development, benefits, outsourcing, and the future of work, among other things.

The PeopleFirst HR Magazine includes featured articles, profiles, interviews, insights, reviews and case studies, contributed exclusively to us by thought-leaders from different industries across the globe.

PeopleFirst HR Magazine is owned by the PeopleFirst group. PeopleFirst is the largest Executive coaching and Leadership development firm in South Asia. As an organization, PeopleFirst has had the privilege of contributing to the ongoing development of thousands of business and HR leaders across three continents.